Amethyst - The Spiritual Stone

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.

Traditionally Amethyst was bound to the forehead to heal headaches, anxiety and depression. It was favoured by many royals and can be found in most of the famous collections around the world. It was also used by senior priests.

Amethyst geode or cluster is an excellent tool for cleaning auras and spaces as it absorbs negativity and infuses tranquility. It is a stone with great healing powers and being a natural tranquilizer it opens blockages and brings clear mental and spiritual vision.

Amethyst balances various emotions and helps in overcoming sorrow and grief. 

Known widely for it’s colour, Amethyst can be found in shades of purple and lavender. The colour itself is of great significance, violet being the highest in the colour spectrum represents the higher consciousness. The colour has a cool and calming effect which adds to the Amethyst’s inherent properties and makes it one of the most sought after stone. 

“ I recently kept an Amethyst Geode in the common area of my house, a place where there’s daily commotion and a lot of people come to visit us. In less than a week the energy of the area has changed. I use the corner where the Amethyst is kept for meditation and contemplation ”

Place an Amethyst Geode or cluster in your house, working desk or carry with you in your pocket. Hold in your receiving hand, close your eyes, visualize the colour purple, feel the stone and focus your thoughts on your positive wish list.

By Priti. A. Sri.

(Founder - Om Soul)